In partnership with Startup Week Vancouver, we'll be running a workshop to help avoid the many pitfalls of unsuccessful campaigns.

Have you been considering crowdfunding to launch your project, prototype, or idea? Do you know there is at least 3 to 6 months pre-work that is needed for a successful campaign?

We'll go over the 10 Tips you need to be ready for a successful campaign, followed by a candid Ask Me Anything session with two local companies that have gone through successful crowdfunding campaigns.

5:30 pm   Networking

6:00 pm   10 Tips for a successful campaign

6:30 pm   Ask Me Any Thing about my crowdfunding campaign

7:00 pm Wrap up


Vancouver Startup Week Pass Holder - Included in Pass

At the Door - $5


Creative Coworkers

343 Railway St Vancouver BC

Buzz #010 - Take the Elevator Down to B and Walk Straight Ahead

Creative Coworkers is a non-profit collective of (mostly) creative professionals with the desire to share space and amenities, and build a community together. The Studio at Creative Coworkers is the place we make that happen.

Our priority and focus is in developing our community, and contributing to each others success. At over 4500 square feet of space in the edgy and awesome Railtown community, we have an ample amount of space to spread out and work together or independently.

To become a member at The Studio, the annual membership is $30, and includes two hours of free private meeting space per month, a flight of craft beer from Postmark Brewing, a free coffee from Railtown Cafe and a free lunch voucher from the new delivery service En Root.


contact at finterprise dot ca

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