Equity Crowdfunding in Canada


Crowdfunding is a exciting and growing sector that many people are trying to learn and understand. The most commonly known Crowdfunding is Rewards based – Kickstarter, Indiegogo. As of May 2015, Equity Crowdfunding became legal in Canada, with it a host of new rules and questions as to how startup companies can utilize this unique form of raising capital.

Here are some great posts by FrontFundr answering many of the most commonly asked questions.

·      What happens if I have more than 50 shareholders?

·      Turning friends, family and consumers into investors

·      Managing a large number of investors

·      Equity vs. rewards based crowdfunding


FrontFundr connects investors and entrepreneurs

Using technology, FrontFundr enables entrepreneurs to raise awareness and money from a broad investor community. It offers an opportunity for seasoned investors and the wider public to come together to directly drive innovation and entrepreneurship. FrontFundr works with entrepreneurs and investors through the entire funding cycle from pitch to funding completion, using an easy, transparent process.  Registered in 8 provinces, FrontFundr is partnering with venture capital firms, angel networks as well as entrepreneurial support organizations across Canada, resulting in stronger opportunities for all.  FrontFundr recently closed the first equity crowdfunding deal in Canada with Guusto.

We focus on raises between $75,000 – $5 Million.  It is a true partnership and works best with companies who have some consumer traction or community support as well as a B to C product or service.