Slicing Pie – Funding Your Company Without Funds


What is Slicing Pie?

Mike and John start a business. They decided to split everything “50/50”. Mike sits on his butt while John does all the work. John needs to hire someone to help because Mike is worthless, but Mike owns 50% of his business- now what?

Somewhere between the time you conjure up the idea for your new business and the time you make the pitch to Kleiner Perkins there is a gap. During this gap you have to actually build something that resembles a business. If you have plenty of cash this should be relatively easy. If you don’t you’ll need to slice the pie.

Slicing PieSlicing Pie means paying the people who help you with equity in your business instead of cash. This can be a very powerful tool that in some ways is better than cash (but not all ways, unfortunately).
Slice the pie properly and you will compensate the people who help you in a fair and equitable manner. Slice the pie improperly and you will destroy your business and burn bridges with the very people who came to help.

Here is the Slide Deck from the live-streaming presentation with Mike Moyer.

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If you missed the presentation, this is great Vimeo Video of a similar presentation.

About Mike Moyer

Mike Moyer Author of Slicing PieMike Moyer is a career entrepreneur who has started companies, worked for startups, and held senior management positions at established businesses. He is now the managing director of Lake Shark Ventures, LLC, a company that provides growth consulting and early-stage investments. He is an adjunct faculty member at Northwestern University and the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. He is the author of several business-related books including Slicing Pie: Funding Your Company Without Funds and Trade Show Samurai: The Four Core Arts for Capturing Leads. He lives in Lake Forest, Illinois, just north of Chicago.