Why are we psyched about this Launch Event?

The term FinTech, referring to Financial Technology, emerged a few years ago, as a result of the financial sector’s being “disrupted” by businesses using software for financial services.


Although these business are mostly startups with the mindset of innovation, mainstream institutions are taking notice. According to Wikipedia, “global investment in financial technology more than tripled to $4 billion in 2013 from $930 million in 2008”. And as Bitcoin became a new paradigm for virtual payment system and crowdfunding emerged as an “alternative finance”, interference of traditional economic, technological and social systems are for certain.


Here at Finterprise in Vancouver, we support that change. We embrace the inevitable shift in focus and empowerment. What better way to partake in and create further change for the people than to join our community?


Network with early-adopters and FinTech leaders. Learn, discuss and share. Finterprise brings together not only distinct expertise but also diverse Finovators driven to succeed. Join us Sept 18 at The Profile in Gastown. Light refreshment on us. Reserve your spot now!